Dr. Dabit  Arzamendi

Dr. Dabit Arzamendi

Address: Carrer de Vilana, 12, 08022 Barcelona, Barcelona, Catalunya, Spain

Gender: Male

Type of Professional: Cardiologist

Associated Healthcare Provider: QS Teknon Medical Center

Languages Spoken: Catalan, English, French

About the Doctor / Professional

Dr. Dabit Arzamendi is a Cardiologist at the Teknon Medical Center, Barcelona. He has worked as Senior Consultant Cardiology at the Cardiology Department of the Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau, Barcelona as well as Associate Professor at the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona.

Dr. Arzamendi has also undertaken training programs and spoken at medical congresses and conferences globally.

He has numerous book chapters and scientific publications to his credit.

More Information

Journal Reviewer for Catheterization Cardiovascular Intervention, Revista Española de Cardiología and the American Journal of Cardiology.