Dr. Janos   Fabula

Dr. Janos Fabula

Address: Lechner Ödön fasor 5, Budapest, Budapest, Hungary

Gender: Male

Type of Professional: Orthopedic Surgeon

Associated Healthcare Provider: Liv Duna Medical Center

Languages Spoken: English, French

About the Doctor / Professional

Dr. Janos Fabula has gained extensive international experience in the various specialties of orthopedic surgery, endoprosthetics, and the treatment of axial deformities. His main professional activity covers adult orthopedic diseases (examination of hip, knee and lumbar spine disorders), indications of conservative and operative management, advice in preoperative and postoperative orthopedic procedures (Total hip and knee replacements, forefoot corrections, hallux valgus surgery, knee arthroscopy).

His subspecialty of focus is the medial unicompartmental knee replacement (HP Sigma Depuy), having performed more than 200 procedures in UK with this technique.

In the last 20 years Dr. Janos has performed around 200 hip and knee replacement surgeries, 200 knee arthroscopies, 100 minor and major foot surgeries in United Kingdom and in Hungary annually. He sees around 1200 patients a year for various orthopedic problems, mainly lower limb arthroplasty consultations. 

He has attended 34 international and national courses, congresses, seminars on orthopedic surgery in the last 20 years.