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If you're going to have a kidney transplant, you ought to consider how life will be on the other side of the operation. There are pros and cons to receiving a kidney transplant; however, if the operation is successful, the quality of life should improve.

Here's what you can expect while adjusting to life after the surgery:

Directly After Surgery

Usually after any surgery, there is a recovery period in the hospital. For a kidney transplant, the classic recovery time is 5-10days[1]. After that, you will need to spend additional time recovering at home with plenty of bed rest. You may gain up to 30lbs of weight due to the operation too.


Directly after the surgery, you will likely need to take pain killers throughout your recovery. Your doctor will likely prescribe them to you.

You will also need to take kidney medications to help ensure the operation's success and allowing for your body to accept the kidney. These medicines traditionally have to be taken on a strict schedule, usually in 12hour intervals with frequent prescription adjustments.


You will still need to follow a kidney-safe diet. This means that you need to restrict your salt intake and avoid certain processed foods. Talk to your healthcare provider for more information about the exact diet you need to adhere to.

Exercise Further Down the Line

After you have gone through your initial recovery, you will need to do gentle exercises to help your body adjust and to prevent weight gain or edema. Once again, your physician will know precisely the type of exercises you should do and you should discuss different options with them.

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