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Healthcare in London alongside the rest of the UK is ranked as the best in the entire world.

The system is governed by the National Health Service (NHS) which is sponsored by just under 20% of the UK's tax money. The NHS makes it their business to ensure that only the best facilities are available in all of the UK, which makes it an incredibly attractive location to travel to for many medical tourists who cannot afford for any mistakes when it comes to their health.

Apart from being ranked as having the best healthcare on the globe, the city also has a unique variety of museums and historical sites such as Big Ben and Buckingham Palace. Foreigners that travel for healthcare in London often take full advantage of it's vibrant tourism scene, from its medieval architecture to its eclectic collection of shops.

If you're planning a trip to receive healthcare in London, you'll be in for quite the journey! There are, however, a few things you ought to know before you board that plane:

Choose the Right Health Insurance

While there are some outdated articles on the internet claiming that the NHS offers free healthcare in London to expats and tourists, that policy has long since fallen away. The UK now charges all foreigners for using its healthcare services, which is why it's mandatory to invest in international insurance on top of budgeting wisely. Since healthcare in London is highly prized all over the world, the costs of treatments can be rather pricey.

If you belong to a European Economic Area (EEA) then you need to make sure you bring your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) along with you. Even with an EHIC, which will cover the costs of some of your medical treatments, it is wise to have additional insurance in case you suddenly come across unexpected additional healthcare costs. You may also inquire with the NHS to find out in advance if your EHIC will cover the treatments you need before you leave for healthcare in London.

Book Your Appointments in Advance

Since healthcare in London is free to all citizens in public hospitals, the waiting lists are notoriously long for surgeries, appointments and many other treatments. Many foreigners prefer to use private hospitals where the waiting lists are not that long, however the fee may be more.

Make Sure Your Specialty is Covered

Even though healthcare in London is renowned worldwide for its comprehensive services and cutting edge facilities, you will still need to ensure that your needs can be met. Some specialists may be unable to assist you due to lengthy waiting lists and in some cases, there may be no specialists available. For instance, if you are looking for the best alternative medical practitioners, you may have difficulty finding one in London; with the best cosmetic surgeons and Western doctors being more widely available.

At Mya Care, you can easily find the specific specialist you are looking for and ensure that your needs can be met.

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