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Address: 57 Berkeley Square, Mayfair, London, England, W1J 6ER, United Kingdom

Languages Spoken: Arabic, Bengali, English, German, Hindi, Urdu

Provider Type: 24 Hour on Call Doctor, Concierge Medicine, General Medicine, On Call Doctors, Online Consultations

About the Healthcare Provider

COVID-19 Testing Services: 

  • COVID-19 PCR testing by HealthClic provided 7 days a week:
  • "Test to Release" for international arrivals to the UK to reduce their self-isolation period also provided. HealthClic is a government-approved "Test to Release" provider. Take a COVID-19 PCR test on Day 5 of arriving in the UK (no sooner than 120 hours after you land) to reduce your quarantine period if you get a negative PCR test result:
  • Services for businesses and household staff: COVID-19 PCR testing, rapid antigen testing and virtual consultations all available to support a safe, doctor-led return to work strategy during the COVID-19 pandemic:

Services Offered by HealthClic:

  • COVID-19 Testing & "Test to Release" for International Arrivals to the UK
  • Concierge Medicine In London
  • 7-Day London House Call Doctor Service for Non-Members and Members
  • 7-Day Virtual Doctor Consultations
  • Whole Genome Sequencing Test (Saliva Test With Results On Your Health Risks, Carrier Status, Drug Response & More – Including BRCA Gene Testing For Breast/Ovarian Cancer)
  • Case Management Service. (Package To Manage A Medical Case; Relevant To Medical Tourists Visiting London For Treatment Of Complex Problems)

HealthClic Concierge Medicine

The traditional model of healthcare delivery fails time and time again in the 21st century. While global health experts rave about preventive medicine, longevity planning and proactive care, few health professionals practise this.

HealthClic brings concierge medicine to London, providing a highly discreet, preventative healthcare services to leaders. 

Patients pay an annual membership to register. As a result, each HealthClic Family Doctor has a patient list of 50 at maximum. Their unparalleled level of care is achieved only by restricting the patient list to so few. With a focus on preventive healthcare and aiming to offer 7-star healthcare; family medicine with no compromises was born. 

HealthClic Concierge Medicine Members Benefit From:

7-Day On Call Doctor Service. Access to our home visiting doctors 24/7 is important in the 21st century. Fast access to your HealthClic Doctor and team (or referral) is not only comfortable and convenient, but can be vital in preventing acute problems from damaging your health and lifestyle.

Care Co-Ordination Across Various Specialties. When dealing with a complex case, it is reassuring to have your HealthClic Doctor overseeing your care. Whether you require to see a specialist about a particular issue, or are unexpectedly admitted to hospital, this is arranged discreetly. Your HealthClic Doctor will facilitate and oversee treatment, while dictating the recommended tests on your terms, as they know you and your medical history so well.

Second Opinions. Every individual is unique, and thus there is no ‘one-size fits all’ solution to health problems. Occasionally you may need a specialist who is a global leader in a particular field to review treatment or prevention options. Medicine is an art as well as a science, and at HealthClic we have built a list of trusted and world- leading specialists to whom we may refer our patients.

Prompt Access To Medical Records 365 Days A Year.We securely store all records, so in cases of emergency they can easily be referred to. These records can be shared electronically in a secure manner, and will only be shared with you or any named representatives whom you explicitly approve of.

Longevity Planning. Focusing on being proactive rather than reactive, for us, is key. Each year you will undergo a unique set of health tests - recommended according to age, lifestyle and gender. We present all results and clinical recommendations in one HealthClic Report. Each member has the opportunity to talk through this with their HealthClic Doctor to understand areas of concern and our plan to monitor early signs of critical problems. For children we recommend a vaccination schedule and schedule Well-Baby & Well- Child check-ups.

Tele-Diagnosis & Treatment. Virtual consultations to evaluate and advise patients is crucial to concierge medicine. A telephone consultation could enable fast reporting of a health concern followed by medication delivery; or even help us to work with you and your team to follow-up a recent health concern and monitor improvements. You have access to HealthClic 365 days a year.

Room Type

  • Outpatient

Room Facilities

  • Outpatient

Payment Methods Accepted

  • Cash

More Information

Case Management

This is a highly bespoke service during your stay in London or for a particular medical case. An expert doctor from our team carefully creates a plan and oversees your treatment across as many specialists as required, as we co-ordinate all appointments necessary for your medical case, surgery or treatment.

Executive Health Check-Up

An executive health check-up incorporates a health assessment accompanied by appropriate tests suited to your unique requirements. This may cover cardiovascular risk assessment, genome sequencing and cancer screens to enhance your health, minimize risk and optimize well-being.

Genetic Testing

One of our most unique offerings, our genetic screens are available to non-members with detailed discussion by a HealthClic doctor. This service is included for our members upon joining and empowers both you and your doctor to take preventive steps to protect your health.

Nutrition & Fitness

A service available only to our members, highly personalized nutrition and training programs are available to help you achieve your unique goals. A discreet fitness service to honor your privacy, lifestyle and genetics is available to all of our private members.