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The London Global Practice

The London Global Practice

Address: 114a Harley Street London W1G 7JL, London, England, W1G 7JL, United Kingdom

Languages Spoken: English

Provider Type: 24 Hour on Call Doctor, Concierge Medicine, General Medicine

About the Healthcare Provider

The London Global Practice, is a renowned private global medical practice based on Harley Street in London.

Established in 2005, the practice operates out of a four storey town house at 114a Harley Street, which has been fully refurbished for medical use, complete with state of the art consultation rooms, nurse treatment rooms, and access to the very best laboratory and imaging diagnostics facilities in London. The practice has a total staff of 30, including 11 Doctors and two nurses, plus a 24/7 on call team. The Practice looks after a broad range of patients both resident in London and internationally, individuals and corporations.

The philosophy of the Practice is to provide swift same-day appointments, with a focus on personal, individualised health care, and an outcome of solving problems. Appointment times are a minimum of half an hour, ensuring that there is full opportunity for a thorough examination and understanding of any health issues, and plenty of time for questions. Turnaround times on laboratory and imaging work is quick with laboratory test results being available in a matter of hours, and imaging diagnostics generally on the same day. This means that if a patient visits us in the morning we can undertake a full examination, take bloods, arrange imaging diagnostics and have the answers back by the end of the same day if required, enabling us to rapidly provide answers and peace of mind to patients.

The Practice serves not just to diagnose, but also to act as a representative of the patients with other healthcare professionals. The Practice books specialist appointment on behalf of their patients, follows up on any tests results, and when required attends specialists appointments alongside patients to help interpret results and ensure that care is fully coordinated.

In addition to general medicine, the Practice provides Annual Health screens and Preventative Medicine to individuals and corporate clients. These are undertaken as bespoke health screening packages designed around the individual, focussing on their needs dependent on their own medical, social and family history. A typical health screen involves half an hour with a nurse and an hour with a Doctor developing the individual plan. During the consultation any blood tests required are taken, and also the requirement for any imaging diagnostics determined. Once all results are back then a follow-up consultation is held to run through the report, explain any findings and develop action plans.

The Practice operates a 24 hour 365 day a year on call service for patients. Doctors are available for home visits any time day or night, and this service also looks after many of the five star hotels in London, providing medical services for their guests.

The on-call service is an in-house service run using Doctors know and fully vetted by the Practice, all patients are followed up in full the next working day to ensure continuity of care.

The Practice has invested heavily in a robust integrated clinical governance programme, which provides the foundation of all its work ensuring the safety and effectiveness of all parts of the business. The practice was inspected in early 2018 by the CQC, the regulatory body for healthcare in England, and received a very strong report. As part of this governance approach the Practice has named leads for each clinical aspect; Medicines Management, Safeguarding, Information Governance, Clinical Governance and Mentoring.

The London Global Practice brand helps patients access a global network of doctors in the US, Middle East and Far East. This enables the Practice to deliver healthcare services for its patients wherever they may be in the world, utilising other medical practices that extol the same passion, level of quality and service that the London Global Practice itself delivers.

The Practice is known for its involvement in the entertainment industry, looking after the health of many artists and performers in TV, Film and Music. The Practice also works very closely with insurers and underwriters in assessing medical risk for artists and production companies both in the UK and US.

Part of the team at The London Global Practice also includes Occupational Health Services which it provides to many companies in London. The services encompass pre-employment checks and HR related issues as well as staff wellbeing and wellness.

The company provides wellness events for corporate staff which include educational sessions covering a number of areas including wellness, nutrition, posture and gait, fitness, smoking cessation, and ‘flu vaccinations. A popular product is ‘know your numbers’, a focused package offering which provides people with basic benchmark figures for their health and enables them to start making decisions about potential lifestyle changes.

The Practice ensures it is up to date in all aspects of healthcare and researches all innovative, new or state of the art technology and treatments. This includes the increased use of remote telemetry, DNA screening and recently a review of stem cell therapies. Earlier this year the Practice was invited to attend the Cura Foundation Conference on 21st Century Medicine at the Vatican.

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We recognize that medical consultation and health checks can be stressful for some people. That’s why we treat all patients as individuals and respect them accordingly.

Getting to know patients is key to this so that a trusting open rapport can be built, ensuring any worries or concerns are expressed at the earliest opportunity and dealt with accordingly.


Where additional expertise is required, our relationship with many of the leading medical specialists is instantly accessible to all of our patients, as is admission to the best private hospitals.


Procedures such as scans, cardiac tests, x-rays, audiograms, mammograms and others, can be taken at the time of appointment within the Practice’s own consulting rooms or within the same building.


The London Global Practice provides care that is available 365 days a year, including weekends and outside office hours.


We can provide treatments and services not currently available on the NHS.


The London Global Practice delivers excellence in patient care through it’s formal Clinical Governance Process. Led by our Governance Lead the Practice formally reviews all aspects of patient care, health and safety, complaints, compliments and incidents every month. These regular sessions are attended by all medical personal employed at the Practice to create an open learning environment for continuous improvement.


From GP appointments to nutrition and lifestyle advice, we have a range of appointments and services available that support you all the way along the health spectrum to advise you how to stay in the best possible shape for work and family life.