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Reasons to See an Orthopedic Surgeon

Orthopedic (or orthopaedic) surgeons are medical doctors who are specially trained to diagnose and treat musculoskeletal conditions. The musculoskeletal system includes bones, joints, tendons, ligaments, muscles, and nerves. Orthopedic specialists commonly provide care for patients with soft tissue, muscle, or joint issues that result from congenital diseases, degenerative diseases, injuries, trauma, cancer, and infection. Orthopedists may specialize in particular body areas; for example, some orthopedic surgeons may specialize in spinal surgery, upper limb surgery (hands and shoulders) or lower limb surgery for the hips, knees, and feet. Depending on the diagnosis, orthopedists can offer a range of treatments for patients. Physical therapy, cortisone injections, massage, and advanced surgical options are just a few of the options that may be available to alleviate symptoms. 

 If you experience any of the following signs or symptoms, consider making an appointment to visit an orthopedic specialist r to help determine the cause and prevent possible progression of symptoms. You can visit hospitals globally for this. The best hospital in Thailand has a team of orthopedists ready to help with your care.

1. You have suffered a fall

Falls can occur for various reasons, from slipping on an icy walkway to stumbling over the edge of a rug. While some falls may seem minor, they can cause serious injuries that can progress quickly and may sometimes go unnoticed for days. Knee, hip, wrist, and elbow injuries are especially common with falls. If you have recently fallen and are experiencing any swelling, pain, or difficulty with movement, it is important to get these checked by an orthopedic doctor. These symptoms can indicate a dislocation or fracture, both of which require urgent treatment. If fractures and dislocations are not reset promptly, patients can experience severe pain and a permanent reduction in their range of motion. 

2. You believe you may have a sprain or other soft tissue injury

Sprained ankles and wrists are common injuries among those who exercise or play sports. Sprains can cause swelling, severe pain, and inability to move the joint or bear weight on the joint. Some people may think they have just a sprain when they actually have a fracture. If you believe you have a sprain, try to elevate the area and reduce swelling with regular application of ice. If your symptoms don't resolve after two days or if you are unable to walk, it is recommended  to see an orthopedic surgeon at their earliest availability in order to rule out more serious injuries. Prompt diagnosis and care may reduce the likelihood of needing invasive treatment and advanced surgical procedures. 

3. You are unsteady on your feet

If you struggle with standing up and sitting down or feel shaky and unbalanced while walking, then a visit to an orthopedist can help determine the cause of these symptoms and provide treatment options to improve your quality of life. Difficulty with walking and standing can increase your risk for a fall, and it is also an indication that you may have an orthopedic issue with your spine, hip, or knee. Doctors can assess your need for a possible hip or knee replacement and discuss additional treatment options with you. 

If you are struggling with pain and difficulty while moving, consulting promptly with an orthopedic surgeon is an important first step in feeling better. Whatever the cause, advanced diagnostic techniques and new treatment options can enable you to move with greater ease and maintain an active lifestyle.
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