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Traveling To Germany For Medical Treatment

Healthcare in Germany

Many people travel outside of their home country for medical care for a variety of different reasons. Affordability is one of the most common factors when someone considers seeking medical attention in a foreign country. Another common variable is finding a reputable specialist for an uncommon procedure.

Germany has attracted medical travelers due to their expert doctors, specialists, and nurses. The training these professionals undergo is extensive and detailed, and they are also required to continuously educate themselves on new medical findings. The technological advances in Germany are groundbreaking and innovative, allowing their hospitals to provide the latest treatment options available. On top of that, Germany has extremely strict laws regarding hygiene and privacy to protect their patient's safety.

While other countries may offer some of the same treatments you can find elsewhere, they are profound in a wide array of specialties. But travelers also visit Germany for their diagnostic ability and expansive wellness health check-ups. Not only do they offer the most advanced and reputable services, but scheduling an appointment is often quick and efficient. If you’re worried about communication, many of the medical staff speak English. And in addition to top of the line medical treatment, there are also many German relaxation spas and mental health treatment centers that travelers can visit.

Treatments Offered

On average, about 1,50,000 to 2,50,000 medical travelers head to Germany every year seeking treatment. Industry experts concur that this number is on the rise. The German healthcare system provides a comprehensive range of healthcare services to the medical tourist and has developed a solid reputation in certain fields, including:

  • Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery
  • Neurology and Neurosurgery
  • Orthopedic Surgery
  • Rehabilitation
  • Nephrology
  • Cancer Treatment
  • Fertility Treatment
  • Ophthalmology

Medical treatment in Germany - The Facts

In Germany, health care receives substantial investment, accounting for over 11% of GDP. The German healthcare system is held in high esteem worldwide and attracts patients from 170-plus countries annually. Medical tourism alone contributes over 1.3 billion dollars to the country’s GDP every year. Mostly, international patients who avail treatment in Germany are from the UAE, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bulgaria, Romania, France, and Russia.

The German healthcare system, established in the 1880s, follows a dual public-private system. Listed below are a few facts about the German healthcare system:

  • According to the World Index of Healthcare Innovation, the German healthcare system ranks third globally, excelling in the categories of Fiscal Sustainability and Choice (including factors such as affordability of health insurance, freedom to choose healthcare services, and access to new treatments).
  • Germany ranked fourth among OECD nations after the United States, Switzerland, and Norway for healthcare expenditures in proportion to GDP.
  • In the global medical tourism index, Germany ranked number 12 out of 46 locations, with the quality of facilities and services and destination environment rated particularly well.
  • The number of hospitals per 1,000 citizens in Germany is twice that in the United States, with nearly twice as many patients treated per capita than US hospitals.

Why should you choose Germany for health care?

Medical travelers choose Germany as their healthcare destination for various reasons. Some of them are listed below:

Leading health care standards: The hospitals in Germany are renowned for high-quality medical care in strict accordance with international guidelines. In Germany's clinics and hospitals, only quality-assured medications approved for the European market are used. Another distinctive aspect is the role of aftercare. Hospitals in Germany emphasize physical therapy and rehabilitation in the recovery process after surgery, typically discharging patients afterward.

Modern and Innovative Techniques: Germany is home to some of the leading global corporations in the medical technology and pharmaceutical sectors. That enables German healthcare providers access to the latest innovative therapies long before they are available in many other parts of the world. The early access also means that German practitioners offer greater experience and insights into newly introduced treatments. Thus, the hospitals in Germany incorporate new and advanced techniques to deliver top-notch medical care. Medical innovations from foreign nations are also promptly adapted in top German hospitals.

Doctors: Medical professionals in Germany are required to complete a rigorous training program before they are allowed to practice. The world's brightest talents make up Germany’s healthcare professionals. The majority of doctors are also fluent English speakers, therefore medical treatment in Germany for foreigners typically involves no language barrier. Germany has more doctors per 100,000 people than either the United States or Canada, with an average of 380 doctors per 100,000 people, according to the World Health Organization.

Reputable Hospitals: To ensure the safety of patients and quality of care, German hospitals are governed by strict legislation. Medical care in Germany combines cutting-edge medical technology with transparency about treatment plans and follow-up care. Germany's hospitals are required by law to participate in quality control programs, especially when these programs are overseen by the government.

Quick Access: A great part of traveling to Germany as a medical tourist is being able to access care quickly and easily without getting waitlisted. In comparison to other countries, the waiting time is significantly shorter in the German healthcare system.

Ready for the Next Step?

Traveling for medical treatment could be either partially or fully covered by your insurance. You can also purchase extra travel insurance to ensure everything goes smoothly. There are also many third-party organizations that will assist with your itinerary. Make sure you book all of the right appointments with the correct doctors. This can be tricky if you’re not familiar with the German culture or language. However, most hospitals that handle medical tourists have facilities to help with this, including translation services, airport pick-ups and much more. You can use the Mya Care search engine to see which additional services healthcare providers have that help you plan your journey.

Understanding the Costs

Treatment in Germany is more affordable than in the US but higher than in underdeveloped nations such as India. A few popular procedures in Germany include spinal surgery, cataract surgery, hip and knee replacement surgery, and bone marrow transplant. Many German hospitals do require you to pay in full prior to receiving the treatment, allowing you to be reimbursed by your insurance company at a later time. However, since pricing is federally regulated, the cost of healthcare in Germany remains the same for local and foreign patients. You also do not pay a premium based on the center’s reputation or location. The cost of medical treatment in Germany presents a strong value proposition when weighing costs against the well-established, high-quality standards of service and expertise.

Getting a Visa & Insurance

Besides the cost of treatment, you might need a visa as well. The standard price of a German visa is approximately USD70 & you will need this to visit Germany if you are a non-EU traveler. If you are receiving a complex procedure, you may want to consider a medical visa which costs around the same price. Another thing to note is your passport must be valid for at least six months from your date of departure. Secondly, you will want to see how much your insurance will cover. There are international insurance companies that offer both short and long-term plans, but it’s highly suggested to do plenty of your own research.

Healthcare Providers in Germany

Sana Hospital Group

With 54 hospitals and more than 2.2 million patients yearly, Sana Hospital Group is one of the top integrated healthcare services providers in Germany. Click to learn more.

Sana Hospital Rummelsberg

Sana Hospital Rummelsberg is a teaching hospital of the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg and is known for its high-quality healthcare in orthopedics, trauma surgery, neurology and internal medicine with a department for geriatric rehabilitation.

Sana Hospital Offenbach

Sana Hospital Offenbach is an academic teaching hospital that is part of Goethe University, Frankfurt and the largest clinical institutions in the Rhine-Main area. Click to read more.

Sana Hospitals Sommerfeld

Sana Hospitals Sommerfeld in Berlin)offers both acute orthopedic care & rehabilitation. Patients can undergo a whole range of comprehensive treatment in one place. Click to learn more.

Sana Hospitals Duisburg

Sana Hospitals Duisburg constitutes a maximum care hospital with 678 beds at two locations: Wedau Hospitals and the Bertha Hospital. Click to read more.

Sana Heart Center Cottbus

The Sana Heart Center, Cottbus, Germany is a high-performance specialist center, operating at the most modern level. it treats more than 4,600 in-patients annually. 

Sana Dreifaltigkeits Hospital Cologne

The Sana Dreifaltigkeits-Hospital Cologne is a specialist hospital for sports traumatology and orthopedics with an affiliated department for physical therapy and medical rehabilitation. Learn More

Sana Hospitals Düsseldorf (Gerresheim)

Sana Hospital Gerresheim treats patients from all over the world with highest medical standards. Click to learn more.

Sana Hospital Lichtenberg (Berlin)

Sana Hospital Lichtenberg is the main specialized Sana hospital of the German capital - Berlin, and known for it's highly competent Oncological Expertise. Click to read more.

Heart Center Dresden University Hospital

The Heart Center Dresden University Hospital is one of the most modern maximum care hospitals providing the entire spectrum of cardiological and cardiac surgical treatments to patients from across the globe. Click to learn more.

Sana Hospitals Leipziger Land

The Sana Hospital Leipziger Land provides individually tailored multi-disciplinary medical care based on the latest scientific findings. Click to read more.

Sana Hospital Düsseldorf (Benrath)

The Sana Hospital Benrath offers a wide range of multi-specialty treatments for inpatients and outpatients with focus on Oncology and Trauma surgery / Orthopedics. Click to read more.

Sana Hospitals Lübeck

Sana Hospitals Lübeck offers a comprehensive range of healthcare services through award winning departments and centers of excellence including the Cancer Centers, Cardiac Arrest Center, Chest Pain Unit and Stroke Unit. Click to read more.

Schoen Clinic Dusseldorf

Schoen Clinic Dusseldorf, hospital specializes in diseases of the vessels, ENT, the heart and the entire musculoskeletal system. This hospital has around 480 employees and 202 beds.

Schoen Clinic Hamburg Eilbek

Schoen Clinic Hamburg Eilbek is an academic teaching hospital and one of the largest hospitals in Hamburg. It's modern medical care with 750 beds and around 1,800 employees.

Schoen Clinic Berchtesgadener Land

Schoen Clinic Berchtesgadener Land provides medical aid for complaints in the areas of orthopedics, pulmonology and psychosomatic medicine. They are Europe’s largest center of medical care.

Schoen Clinic Bad Aibling Harthausen

Schoen Clinic Bad Aibling Harthausen located near Rosenheim provides highly qualified and interdisciplinary medical care. The key areas of focus in hospital are the Spine and Joint Centre.

Schoen Clinic München Harlaching

Schoen Clinic München Harlaching offers excellent medicine in diagnostics, therapy, and rehabilitation for all diseases of the musculoskeletal system. It has a total no. of 212 beds available.

Schoen Clinic Neustadt

Schoen Clinic Neustadt is located right on the Baltic Sea beach between Kiel and Lübeck. It has around 1,150 employees and approx. 506 beds to provide the best treatment.

Schoen Clinic Vogtareuth

Schoen Clinic Vogtareuth specializes in care for orthopedically - neurologically cases. It is located between Munich and Salzburg. This is an ultra-modern, internationally oriented clinic.

Schoen Clinic München Schwabing

Schoen Clinic München Schwabing offers excellent medicine in diagnostics, therapy, and rehabilitation for all diseases of the musculoskeletal system. It has a total no. of 212 beds available.

Sana Hospital Hürth (Cologne)

The Sana Hospital Hürth (Cologne) offers a wide range of medical services across its specialist departments for internal medicine, surgery and anesthesia. Click to learn more.

Schoen Clinic

Since foundation by the Schoen family in 1985, the clinic has focused on psychosomatics, orthopaedics, neurology, surgery and internal medicine. Each year, they treat around 300,000 patients at 26 locations in Germany & UK

Medical Park Bad Feilnbach Reithofpark

Medical Park Bad Feilnbach Reithofpark in Germany is specialized in the areas of neurology and orthopedics. The Reithofpark team orchestrates holistic medicine, stimulating therapies, affectionate attention and a welcoming ambience.

Medical Park Bad Camberg

The Medical Park Bad Camberg clinic specializes in the entire range of neurological disorders, it guarantees optimum individual care to patients in rehabilitative recovery. 

Medical Park Bad Feilnbach Blumenhof

Medical Park Bad Feilnbach Blumenhof is located in Germany. It is a specialized clinic for therapy in oncology, cardiology & angiology, internal medicine, and holistic rehabilitation.

Medical Park Bad Rodach

Medical Park Bad Rodach is a recognized rehabilitation clinic for neurology and orthopedics. The clinic specializes in post operative treatment following procedures on knee and hip, after accidents and amputations, therapies for stroke patients, Parkinson’s disease, post-polio-syndrome and multiple sclerosis.

Medical Park Bad Sassendorf

Medical Park Bad Sassendorf is located in Germany. It is specialized in the fields of orthopedics, rheumatology, naturopathy and internal medicine. 

Medical Park Berlin Humboldtmühle

Medical Park Berlin Humboldtmühle is located in Germany. It is a specialized center for neurological disorders and orthopedics.

Medical Park Chiemsee Clinic

Medical Park Chiemsee Clinic has a team of well-qualified doctors. It is a recognized rehabilitation facility in Germany specializing in the areas of orthopedics and traumatology.

Medical Park Chiemseeblick Clinic

Medical Park Chiemseeblick Clinic is located in Germany. Treatment regimens include both acute inpatient therapy & rehabilitation, according to the latest scientific standards.

Medical Park Loipl

The Medical Park Loipl clinic in Germany is a renowned specialized clinic for neurological disorders and we are also specialists for neurological rehabilitation for children and adolescents. The clinic provides state-of-the-art facilities and medical professionals.

Medical Park Bad Wiessee Am Kirschbaumhügel

Medical Park Bad Wiessee Am Kirschbaumhügel is located in Germany. It is a renowned specialized rehabilitation center for orthopedics, traumatology, and sports medicine.

Medical Park St. Hubertus in Bad Wiessee

Medical Park St. Hubertus in Bad Wiessee is specialized in the fields of orthopedics, traumatology, sports medicine, and internal medicine. For more information, visit our site.

Medical Park Group of Rehabilitation Hospitals in Germany

Medical Park Group of Rehabilitation Hospitals are located in Germany. It has specialists in sports medicine, neurology, internal medicine, cardiology, oncology, and more.

MediaPark Clinic

Media Park Klinik is located in Cologne. The main goals of the Media Park Clinic are short stays and fast rehabilitation. Media Park Clinic has a highly qualified medical team.

Kliniken Schmieder Hospital Group

Established in 1950, Kliniken Schmieder have been steadfast in its goal of providing neurological patients optimal treatment. It consists of a network of six cohesive clinics, which have earned global recognition as a Competence Centre for Neurology.

Kliniken Schmieder Heidelberg

Schmieder Klinik Heidelberg is located on the edge of the old university town Heidelberg, next to a beautiful nature reserve. Patients in all phases can be treated there since the clinic is offering a whole spectrum of neurological rehabilitation.

Kliniken Schmieder Allensbach

Kliniken Schmieder Allensbach in the very south of Germany. The clinic has two wards for international patients in Allensbach that offers patients an exclusive atmosphere with food and beverage adapted to their cultural needs.

ATOS Clinic Fleetinsel Hamburg

ATOS Clinic Fleetinsel Hamburg is an ultra-modern clinic and has enjoyed an excellent reputation for over 20 years. The facility specializes in orthopedic and vascular complaints, sports injuries, and hernias.

ATOS Starmed Clinic Munich

ATOS Starmed Clinic Munich, located in the south-east area, offers patients excellent medical treatment & care of the highest quality. Starmed Clinic specializes in orthopedics & surgery.

ATOS Orthoparc Clinic Cologne

The ATOS Orthoparc Clinic, located in Cologne, offers high-quality conservative and surgical treatments. The Clinic specializes in various orthopedic fields such as foot and ankle surgery, and much more.

ATOS Orthopaedic Clinic Braunfels

ATOS Orthopaedic Clinic Braunfels was the establishment in 2016. The clinic specializes in orthopedic medical treatments and excellent nursing staff provides patients with well-rounded care.

ATOS Clinic Munich

ATOS Clinic Munich provides top doctors in the fields of plastic surgery, visceral surgery, spine surgery, and traumatology. They also have experts in general medicine and many other areas of focus.

ATOS Clinic Heidelberg

ATOS Clinic Heidelberg, brings together respected medical experts whose reputations reach beyond regional and national borders. The facility not only treats patients in Germany, but also international patients and well-known professional athletes.

Atos Clinic Group

ATOS was Founded in 1991 and the ATOS team is made up of clinics in Heidelberg, Braunfels, Munich, & Cologne. Medical specialists are among the most respected doctors in Germany. 

CONRADIA Medical Prevention - Hamburg

Conradia Medical Prevention is one leading Health care providers throughout Germany. Get high-quality diagnostics and advice from our expert teams in Hamburg.

CONRADIA Medical Prevention – Munich

Conradia Medical Prevention in Munich is the leading provider of state-of-the-art prevention and check-up medicine. They have expert networks throughout Germany as well.


YP uniquely stands for a holistic approach to assessing and improving mental well-being. 

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