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Traveling To Germany For Medical Treatment

Healthcare in Germany

Many people travel outside of their home country for medical care, for a variety of different reasons. Affordability is one of the most common factors when someone considers seeking medical attention in a foreign country. Another common variable is finding a reputable specialist for an uncommon procedure.

Germany has attracted medical travelers due to their expert doctors, specialists, and nurses. The training these professionals undergo is extensive and detailed, while they are also required to continuously educate themselves on new medical findings. The technology advances in Germany are groundbreaking and innovative, allowing their hospitals to provide the latest treatment options available. On top of that, Germany has extremely strict laws regarding hygiene and privacy to protect their patient's safety.

While other countries may offer some of the same treatments you can find elsewhere, they are profound in a wide array of specialties. But travelers also visit Germany for their diagnostic ability and expansive wellness health check-ups. Not only do they offer the most advanced and reputable services but scheduling an appointment is often quick and efficient. If you’re worried about your communicating with your professional, many of the medical staff speaks English. And in addition to top of the line medical treatment, there are also many German relaxation spas and mental health treatment centers that travelers can visit.

Ready for the Next Step?

Traveling for medical treatment could be either partially or fully covered by your insurance. You can also purchase extra travel insurance to ensure everything goes smoothly. There are also many third party organizations that will assist with your itinerary. Make sure you book all of the right appointments with the correct doctors. However, it can be tricky if you’re not familiar with the German culture or language. However, most hospitals that handle medical tourists have facilities to help with this including translation services, airport pick ups and much more. You can use the Mya Care search engine to see which additional services healthcare providers have that help you plan your journey. 

Understanding the Costs

Treatment in Germany is more affordable than the US but higher than underdeveloped nations such as India. A few popular procedures in Germany include spinal surgery, cataract surgery, hip and knee replacement surgery, and bone marrow transplant. Many German hospitals do require you to pay in full prior to receiving the treatment, allowing you to be reimbursed by your insurance company at a later time. 

Getting a Visa & Insurance 

The standard price of a German visa is approximately $70 US & you will need this to visit Germany if you are a non-EU traveler. If you are receiving a complex procedure you may want to consider a medical visa which costs around the same price. Another thing to note is your passport must be valid for at least six month from your date of departure. Secondly, you will want to see how much your insurance will cover. There are international insurance companies that offer both short and long term plans but it’s highly suggested to do plenty of your own research. 

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